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Training Institution Accreditation

Training Institution Accreditation

AHQSE Accreditation in Education is a voluntary, non-governmental process that recognizes training organizations that meet established quality standards.  The purpose of accreditation is to assure the public, the employers and third parties about the quality of the training organization and the training provided to the students. It also demonstrates that the accredited institution is committed to achieving high standards through a system of continuous improvement.
Our accreditation process consists of a set of key performance indicators divided into 7 main areas, namely:

  1. Governance, management and staff resources
  2. Premises, health and safety
  3. Quality of studies and moral integrity
  4. Teacher qualifications and experience
  5. Curriculum delivery
  6. Student Services
  7. Website design and functionality

Accreditation by AHQSE will enhance your organization profile and confirm that it meets high standards of training, well-being and best practices. Our accreditation will guarantee that your training organization is a good choice and that it provides professional training, valuable qualifications and a positive learning experience to your course enrollees, to the employers and other interested parties.
All of the documentation needed to apply for AHQSE accreditation can be requested to the Secretariat, who will send the necessary forms to begin the accreditation processes. The application can also be downloaded at the bottom of this page.
After filling in the application, it is necessary to print a copy and send it to our e-mail address attaching the required documents. The accreditation process can begin.

Download the application here