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The concept of Accreditation

Accrediting schools or institutions internal operational quality systems measures their capacity to meet educational and training needs. Those needs are not only academic and cultural, but also material, moral, economic and social; they turn into concrete and measurable requirements through appropriate regulation and standardization processes.

Thus, quality fulfilment consists in giving a certain structure to the educational services provided: courses, curricula, payment plans, thesis assistance, drafting of articles, reports and other documents support. More generally, quality means ability to meet students’ needs and requirements to any educational activity level- whether distance, online or vis a vis.

Quality assurance in study programs delivery consists in giving students and reference areas certainty of its existence. It is not a goal per se but rather a tool aimed at raising confidence in the students that their needs are actually being met.

Therefore, it is useful to remind that any accreditation by a self-regulating private agency, such as AHQSE, is essential for development processes; private accreditations are remarkable tool to improve quality standards implementation in educational institution students’ services.