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ARS College

AHQSE is a global certification and accreditation body operating in the field of academic education and professional certifications. Following a specific resolution of the Board, it has founded a digital academic division called ARS Stonehenge College (Action Research Skills), authorized to award research chairs and degrees. ARS Stonehenge College credentials are conferred by right to people working in AHQSE accredited institutions, freelancers, WCM (World Certified Master) executive managers.

The ARS College was founded in 2020 as AHQSE's in-house digital research arm. Within it, the Evaluation Board was established with the main task of examining credentials and approving candidates for research professorships and diploma by ARS program.

Stonehenge College research professorships Criteria

Candidates need to have obtained the highest AHQSE recognition: the WCM World Certified Master. The application may be submitted by AHQSE accredited institutions or by certified professionals. In both cases, it is compulsory to provide documentary evidence of research published in a specialized career disciplinary area.

This research work can be a professional article, a seminar presentation or a doctoral thesis. Research publication in a specialized journal is not necessary.  

Below, there is an example of how a successful candidate can present himself or herself when being awarded with a Research Chair in Business Media:

Raphael Johnson, WCM,

Professor of Business & Media Research

ARS Stonehenge College