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Awards Certifications

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Awards Certifications

The Accreditation Higher Quality Standard Education (AHQSE) is a self-regulated global certification authority. It grants accreditations not only to institutions and study programs but also to individuals.  As a matter of fact, it awards credential recognitions based on Curriculum Vitae professional evaluations. Three types of professional recognitions can be issued: WCE (World Certified Expert), WCS (World Certified Specialist), WCM (World Certified Master).

AHQSE certification is thought to grant any of these 3 Credential Awards to fitting individuals. The basic criteria are: Experience, Professionalism, Competence and Leadership in a specific career field ("Specialized Field").

Those who meet the basic criteria are assessed by APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) system according to a PSL (Professionalism, Skills, Leadership) criterion and will receive a number of PSL Credits.  Candidates receiving at least 16 on a 60 credits scale are eligible to receive the World Certified Professional. This is the scale of evaluation:

0 - 15 = Fail

15 - 30 = WCE (World Certified Expert Award)

30 - 45 = WCS (World Certified Specialist Award)

45 - 60 = WCM (World Certified Master Award)