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How AHQSE work

How AHQSE work

AHQSE Membership

Membership in AHQSE (Accreditation High Quality Standard Education) means embracing the AHQSE principles and mission. It is addressed to any institutions that wish to be associated with AHQSE without going through the accreditation process.
Benefits of AHQSE Membership include:
AHQSE Member Certificate (membership is for a period of one year and have to be renewed annually). AHQSE Member Logo (institutions may use the AHQSE Member Logo on their website and promotional materials as long as they are members). Inclusion in the institutional directory of the AHQSE international web site. Assistance in Marketing international projects development through design and implementation of informational materials. Institutions that decide to integrate the enrollment process towards accreditation will have their Membership fee deducted.
You can download the AHQSE membership form here.

How AHQSE assists institutions

AHQSE wants to expand worldwide in a transnational perspective by developing an operational model useful to universities, training and educational institutions as well as schools of various kinds. With the goal of providing students, families and institutions that approach the accredited one with a serious reference model, consistent with educational standards and endorsing international best practices.
AHQSE accreditation is not meant to improve world rankings and academic rankings, for which there are other governmental agencies, but to develop: academic reputation, student satisfaction, research, professional future of graduates, teaching quality, learning environment, internationalization, culture, access, innovation and knowledge transfer, engagement and environmental impact.
As a private, international, quality-certification-oriented institution, we offer flexible recognition models based mostly on merit rather than method.

How AHQSE works with institutions

Review of application form, requested documents and report on the 5 key areas

  1. Governance, management and staff resources
  2. Premises, health and safety
  3. Teacher qualifications and experience
  4. Curriculum delivery
  5. Student Services

The report content will be reviewed by an AHQSE Lead Assessor/s.
The designated inspector(s) will focus on reviewing and evaluating documents, how the institution complies with school regulations, the quality of management and student support, the health and safety of the premises and the adequacy of available course resources. Procedural documentation, attendance recording systems, examples of correct work and student feedback forms, legal documentation such as approvals from the local Department of Education or other agencies and fire regulations will be reviewed.
The initial information provided to us will be inspected and evaluated by a member of our Accreditation Committee. If it meets our required standards, we will move on to the next step in the process. If not, the institution will be informed through advice and guidance on how to improve or correct the issues identified in order to achieve accreditation.

Stage 2 - Initial Inspection:
A list of documents for each one of the 5 area key areas will be requested. Once those documents are received by AHQSE, inspectors will meet with key management staff and the director in a call.  After the meeting, they will prepare and submit a report, which will recommend whether or not Stage 3 should take place. If there are areas that the institution needs to improve before moving to Stage 3, these will be identified in the report.
The report issued by the inspectors will be carefully considered by the Accreditation Committee that will examine it in order to decide whether or not to proceed to the next phase. If the Committee finds that the institution is not ready to move to Stage 3, it will be informed of this and given the opportunity to appeal the decision and provide new documentation to reconsider.

Stage 3 - Accreditation Inspection:
This step focuses primarily on evaluating what has emerged during the previous stages: file evaluation, meeting with management and assessing evidence of the institution's ability to uphold and maintain the standards necessary for the accreditation. Documentation provided prior to the inspection and information gathered during the inspection will be considered.
During Step 3, inspectors will privately meet students and teachers to gather their opinions and views. Finally, inspectors will provide an informal report and feedback on their evaluations.
The final accreditation decision will be issued by the Accreditation Committee. Assessment Stage 3 will vary depending on the size, location, and type of institution.


The fees charged will depend on the type of institution: Traditional University, On-line University, Non-Formal University, College, Vocational or Art Institute etc.
AHQSE reserves the right to deny any application.