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The AHQSE (Accreditation High Quality Standard Education) is a leading global body granting credentials and accreditations for educational purposes, professions and employment development. Only after strict quality standards checks, AHQSE credentials are issued to institutions, schools, universities and training bodies as accreditations; they are issued instead as professional certifications to individuals.

AHQSE offers international accreditation to universities, colleges and other higher education institutions as well as tertiary institutions (i.e. technical and vocational training providers). The institutional accreditation confirms internal quality systems besides analyzing school or university's educational curricula and overall organization. Each higher education institution is responsible for its permanent teaching and research quality improvement.

Our global IQAPA (International Quality Assured Program Accreditation) program helps institutions achieving and maintaining international standards. We evaluate the school's overall organization and study programs for Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees, Master's and PhDs. Our assessment system recognizes that the content and quality program has been evaluated and meets AHQSE standards. Institutionally, it grants accreditation through the following parameters:


1) Academic Quality and Integrity;

2) Teaching Staff Qualification;

3) Delivery of Programs;

4) Student Services;

5) Website design and performance;